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Stilwell Center Advisory Services

Policy Advisory

The Stilwell Center provides independent advice and research services to senior policy-makers on information, communication, and technology issues, particularly in areas (1) where information and technology policy for national security, domestic security, or law enforcement intersects with competing sovereign interests, private individual interests (including civil liberties and privacy issues) or with private economic or market interests (including infrastructure protection issues); (2) where information or technology policy for commerce, trade, finance or economics intersects with national or global security interests; or, (3) where information or technology policy intersects with energy and environmental security policy. See Research.

Corporate Advisory

The Stilwell Center provides corporate advisory services to C-level decision-makers in the private sector on complex policy, market, and strategic business opportunities and challenges resulting from information, communication, and technology development and policy as well as from enterprise, national and global security policies, including energy and environmental security. See Research.

Security Advisory

The Stilwell Center focuses on the broad area of security, information, natural resources, and world economic and political affairs, including how digital technologies challenge existing constructs of social, economic, legal, political, and policy frameworks and existing methods of resource allocation and control. See Research.

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